The Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, California USA

Thanks for visiting this website! Our intentions are to make this site an informational portal to the world famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. As part of both U.S. Route 101 and State Route 1, the bridge spans the Golden Gate, a narrow, 400-foot (120 m) deep strait that serves as the mouth of the San Francisco Bay, between San Francisco at the northernmost tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, and the Marin Headlands at the far southern end of Marin County. The Golden Gate Bridge has become an international symbol of not only the city of San Francisco, but of the entire state of California. Each year, millions of visitors come to the bridge just to see the amazing structure.

The Golden Gate Bridge is truly a technological and engineering marvel. The massive suspension bridge stands 220 feet from the water, and is used by more than 40 million drivers and passengers every year. The center span was the longest among suspension bridges until 1964 when the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was built in New York City. The Golden Gate Bridge also had the world's tallest suspension towers at the time of construction, and kept that record until recently. In 1957, Michigan's Mackinac Bridge surpassed the Golden Gate Bridge's length to become the world's longest two-tower suspension bridge in total length between anchorages. Since the bridge opened to traffic in 1937, there have been approximately 1.6 billion people to cross over the 1.7 mile long span. The speed limit on the Golden Gate Bridge was reduced to 45 mph (72 km/h) from 55 mph (89 km/h) in October of 1983.

The median markers between the lanes on the bridge are moveable to conform to traffic patterns. On weekday mornings, traffic flows mostly southbound into the city, so four of the six lanes run southbound. Likewise, on weekday afternoons, four lanes run northbound. The eastern walkway is for pedestrians and bicycles during the weekdays and during daylight hours only, and the western walkway is open to bicyclists on weekday afternoons, weekends, and holidays.

The color of the bridge is officially called International Orange, and was selected by consulting architect Irving Morrow because it blends well with the natural surroundings of the bridge, and at the same time enhances the bridge's visibility in fog.

The highest point of the Golden Gate Bridge is 746' feet and some of the foundations are 110 feet under water.

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